It takes pressure to create diamonds, and Diamante Labs was founded under the pressure to create an artisan extraction lab.   We are focused on delivering high quality extracts by using closed loop hydrocarbon processes.  Our goal is to retain the true essence of the plant and deliver it to you.  We source exquisite material from sources like FIORE – TRIPLE CERTIFIED to produce specific products like Diamonds/Sauce, Live Resin, Sugar Wax and are currently working on formulations for Live Resin Vape Pens.



Crystalline ‘diamond’ shaped solids of THCa are floating in a fractionated viscous, liquid terpene ‘sauce’ that emulates the flower perfectly.  A connoisseurs concentrate.

Live Resin:

Material is taken from the harvest and immediately frozen.  This allows the concentrate to take on a truly inspiring clarity, with high potency and a taste profile that has become the industry standard for high quality extracts.

Sugar Wax:

If brown sugar was made with honey instead of molasses, you would have sugar wax.  With small clumps of resinous extract piled on top of each other and sticky like honey, sugar wax is the baseline for quality concentrates with great flavor.


Not all flower material can make good diamonds, live resin or sugar wax.  Material not meeting our standards for clarity, potency and terpene profile are processed into super high THC distillate.    Distillate is primarily used for the base of our vape pens or sold in bulk to those looking for an option to infuse into edible products.

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